Features of PRIME AAC Blocks

Eco Friendly

PRIME AAC Blocks are eco-friendly building material. They are certified as green building material by IGBC. PRIME AAC Blocks offer an eco-friendly solution to conventional red bricks/clay burnt bricks or cement bricks.

Light Weight

PRIME AAC Blocks are lightweight and hence save a significant amount of steel in construction. They are also called lightweight bricks. Because of the lightweight nature, they reduce the dead weight of the structure saving steel resulting in a reduction of the construction cost to the builder.

Pest Resistant

PRIME AAC Blocks use inorganic material that is resistant to termites avoiding pest attacks and thus saving money for the end user.

Rapid Assembly

Because PRIME AAC Blocks are big in size, they can be easily assembled resulting in saving time for the builder/contractor. Manpower is a big concern to builders nowadays because PRIME AAC Blocks save time to the builder in constructing a wall, they will end up helping builder save money. A 4” PRIME AAC Block is equivalent to 7 conventional red brick/clay burnt brick. A mason can build a wall area equivalent to 7 clay burnt bricks with just single PRIME AAC Block at the same time.

Long Lasting

AAC Blocks technology was invented in 1920s by Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson in Royal Institute of Technology. The technology has stood the test of time so are PRIME AAC Blocks. PRIME AAC Blocks played monumental role in construction of several landmark projects like L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail, AP Secretariat Complex and Judicial Complex in AMARAVATI. In fact, the first block used in AMARAVATI is PRIME AAC Block.

Easy to Use

The lightweight nature and big size of PRIME AAC Blocks make them preferred the choice of building materials for masons. The AAC Block help in quick construction work, this results in less time used for masonry and plastering work. So, the construction work is done ahead of time.

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We have set up a manufacturing facility producing PRIME brand of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks which are a replacement for conventional mud bricks.

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Why Choose PRIME AAC Blocks

Energy Saving

PRIME AAC Blocks have very low thermal conductivity and thus are very good thermal insulators.

Light Weight

The light-weight and high structural integrity of the blocks lessens the usage of steel and reduces the cost of construction.

On Time Delivery

We are highly committed to on time deliveries.

PRIME AAC Blocks Quick Questions

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We are highly qualified and proficient bunch of people who share a vision of bringing the best quality eco-friendly building materials at affordable prices into the market.

What type of mortar is used with AAC?

1:6 cement mortar or 1:1:5 in cement fly ash mortar of 10 mm thickness for both vertical and horizontal joints.

Is AAC a new building material?

No. AAC was invented over 70 years ago in Sweden. Since then, it has gained acceptance around the world especially in Europe, Middle East, North America, China and now in India.

Which interior finishes are suitable for AAC?

AAC can be finished with sheet rock (directly attached), plaster (directly applied), tile, non-vinyl wallpaper, paint or any other standard finishing.

Why Use Yesterday’s Technology For Tomorrow’s Buildings?

The construction industry has been slowly moving away from conventional clay bricks. The new worthy contender is the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block. AAC Blocks are pre-fabricated (pre-cast) building blocks that beat the old rival hands down on every count.

PRIME AAC Blocks are manufactured by ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd. with cutting edge technology at their state-of-the-art plant.PRIME AAC Blocks are light-weight, extra strong, economic, easy-to-handle and above all eco-friendly. There are several advantages and qualities that make it the best choice of responsible builders and intelligent engineers. It is not a surprise that 40% of all constructions in UK and 60% in Germany make extensive use of AAC Blocks. Also, it is the preferred building material in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Israel, China, Bahrain and many more countries.

Their large size, solid strength, light weight and other unique qualities like thermal and sound insulation, fire resistance, eco-friendliness in manufacture and use make it the right building material for present times.

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