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The Common
 Misconceptions About Green Building

Increasing population, urbanization, and tremendous growth in Real Estate has been putting enormous pressure on natural resources and the environment. It is for the same reason Green Building as a concept has become a movement of sorts globally.

The construction sector is one of the major contributors of pollution and greenhouse gases world over; this led to intensive research and application of sustainable building principles. Green building besides reducing the negative impact on environment greatly enhances the quality of life of the residents and offers financial benefits by reducing energy costs.

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What Makes a Green Building & Is It Expensive?

The concept of Green Building is catching-up worldwide and some countries are even implementing specific benchmarks for constructions, so that they align to green building standards. International climate conventions have already emphasized enough to accelerate green building practices all over the world to dampen raging global warming.

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An Ideal Green Home through Efficient Sunlight Usage & Water Management

Alarming rates of deforestation coupled with rapid depletion of natural resources and climate change has been troubling nations across the world since 1960s. Better late than never, governments worldwide have realized to decelerate the destruction/intrusion caused by humans on the environment which resulted in a series of global climate conservation pledges.

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Get the Light Weight Concrete Advantage

Light Weight Concrete unlike normal concrete uses a variety of alternate aggregate materials that include more porous forms of rock like pumice; manufacturing byproducts like fly ash, slag, clay, shale or slate. This when it undergoes heat treatment expand creating a series of internal pores in the aggregates. Lightweight concrete may also be "foamed" by mixing cement slurry into a pre-formed foam or AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) in a process which introduces entrained air into the mix to reduce the final concrete weight.

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PRIME AAC Blocks played a major role in inviting voters to choose the right leaders through an awareness campaign during the 2014 Elections

The Year 2014 will be remembered for two tangible reasons in the years to come. One is the bifurcation of the State of Andhra Pradesh and the other is the smashing hit of Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar, a political campaign that contributed to the resounding success of BJP party in the General Elections of 2014.

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Instructions For Building Wall With PRIME AAC Blocks

For best results, it is recommended that the following instructions are carefully followed while building with PRIME AAC blocks.

This article includes instructions on how to build wall with Thin Bed Mortar, Masonry with ordinary Mortar and on making conduits for electrical and other purposes while building with PRIME AAC Blocks.

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Let Us Connect The Dots… Towards Green Building

Srinivas P. Anchuri is a renowned Artist, Architect, and Structural Engineer who’s zealously compassionate and champion for ‘Green Buildings’.

S.P. Anchuri is associated with many professional bodies, published many articles in news papers and presented technical papers in national and international seminars. More than 175 episodes related to the building industry were aired featuring S.P. Anchuri in channels like Gemini TV, Zee TV, and ETV2.

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Greener Buildings Get Global Mandate

It took scores and scores of centuries for us humans to arrive at a civilization where human lives are comfortable at its best. But what the greatest of civilizations much grander than ours couldn't do, industrial revolution and huge leaps in technology that followed did it in a century – the most brutal of vandalisms that Mother Nature

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Green Buildings Get Global Mandate?

Mr. Anand Prasad, MD of Bhavya's Constructions Pvt. Ltd. was instrumental in constructing around 10 million sq ft. An entrepreneur par excellence, Mr. Anand Prasad has ventured into building materials by founding Bhavya Cements.

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Trust in Architecture

Mr. Srinivas Telaprolu of Shivas Architects is one of the distinguished architects in Hyderabad who has designed several commercial, corporate, residential and recreational spaces.

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Why Prudent Builders Choose AAC Blocks

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks also known as ACC (Autoclaved  Cellular Concrete), ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete), cellular concrete and porous concrete are the invention of a Swedish engineer  Johan Axel  Eriksson  in  the mid 1920s. Invented 'out of necessity', as the timber was scarce for construction  in  Sweden  those  days, AAC  blocks travelled  through  decades

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