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Aerated Concrete Blocks – Descriptions

Aerated concrete blocks manufactured by ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad are composed of so many effective aspects such as light-weight, strong, economically feasible, easy-to-use, utmost eco-friendly, and many more. This pre-fabricated aerated concrete blocks are completely non-combustible protecting the building against fire, and durable keeping the wall away from pests and other harmful threats. These many features along with thermal and sound insulation, makes the ECO CARE building blocks the most unique and preferred product in the current market. The company uses the existing technology of making these building blocks along with some specific enhancements thereby making the product acceptable by the honorable clients.

The manufacturing of aerated concrete blocks is processed in Hyderabad, India and then supplied the product in various southern regions of India such as Vijayawara, Chennai and Bangalore thereby fulfilling the client’s need. These Aerated Concrete Blocks are used by many customers due to its strength and the capabilities that it holds. The blocks produced by ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd. will be delivered just within 2-3 working days after the order gets placed by the clients with proper conformation. The quality of this block is remarkable due to which the company is able to hold its position in today’s competitive market.

Aerated Concrete Blocks have been used for constructing:

The Aerated Concrete blocks are famous due to its durability and efficiency in fighting against harmful effects. AAC consists of millions of tiny pores that will protect the building from early degradation. Aerated Concrete Blocks are compatible to perform any sort of internal as well as external finishing using brick, stone, stucco, wood, sheet rock, plaster, tile, non-vinyl wallpaper, paint or other similar standard materials according to architect’s recommendation.

Business type of ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd: Manufacturer and Supplier
Area covered by ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd: Hyderabad, Vijayawara, Chennai and Bangalore