AAC Blocks Manufacturers

Any product is only as good as the raw material that goes into it. EBPPL ensures that the best available raw material goes into manufacturing of these blocks. Fly-Ash from Vijayawada Thermal Power Station which is the best-in-class and superior quality lime from Rajasthan go into the making of PRIME AAC Blocks. Naturally, PRIME AAC Blocks have an edge over other competing brands.

Energy Saving

PRIME AAC BLOCKS have very low thermal conductivity and thus are very good thermal insulators. They help keep the interiors comparitively coller in summers and warmers in winters. This results in substantial energy saving on air conditioning and heating . They reduce the HVAC as much as 15% .

Sound Insulation

Because of its aerated structure PRIME AAC blocks are excellant ecostic insulators. Depending on the thickness of the wall a sound insulation of 37- 51 db can be achived . That is an insurance against sound polution and an assurance for cuieter and peaceful living conditions . This quality also makes the blocks a perfect choice for buidling multiplexes, hospitals, studios, auditoriums, educational institutions etc.

Fire Resistance

PRIME AAC blocks are non-combustible . The melting point of AAC is over 2900F , more than twice the temparature of a building caught in fire (1200F) . The blocks withstand standard fire test up to 4-6 hours . They do not emit any toxic or obnoxious fumes when expose to fire . This makes it idle choice for fire resistance applications .

Great Finishes

PRIME AAC BLOCKS accepts exterior finishes like brick , stone, stucco, wood/ vinyl siding or any other standard finishing . The interiors can be finished with sheet rock (directly attached ) , plaster , tiles, non vinyl wall paper , paint and any other standard finishing . Their perfect shape, size, clean edjest and angles provide impeccable eligant finishes .


PRIME (AAC) Blocks come in the following standard sizes*

Length  Height Thickness
600 mm 200 mm 75 mm
600 mm 200 mm 100 mm
600 mm 200 mm 150 mm
600 mm 200 mm 200 mm
600 mm 200 mm 230 mm

* Custom sized blocks can be supplied as per specific requirement

Fire Resistance

Wall Thickness Resistant up to
6 in 6 hrs
4 in 4 hrs
2.5 in 2 hrs
2 in 1 hr

Thermal Insulation

Density R. Value/ inch
25 pcf 1.66
31 pcf 1.14